We are located in Via Otranto 18, and on the intercom you will find “Interno5 B&B”.

In the courtyard of the building, on the right, you will find staircase B: we are on the third floor.

Directions to reach us:

- ​​Public transport: from Fiumicino airport take the Leonardo Express train directed to Termini station and from there take the LINE A subway to Ottaviano San Pietro (direction Battistini): estimated travel time: approximately 1h -1.30h
- We can book (to and from the airport) the chauffeur-driven car service for you: the service is provided by a driver with a valid license.
Cost of the service: €60.00 for 2 people (night rate from 10pm to 7am equal to €70.00).
Estimated time: 30/40 minutes. To book, you must provide the following data: flight details, mobile phone number.
- From Termini Station: take the subway take the subway LINE A to Ottaviano San Pietro (red line, direction Battistini).
- From Tiburtina station: take the metro and reach the TERMINI stop where you change lines and take the LINE A metro to Ottaviano San Pietro (red line, direction Battistini).
- At the exits of the stations and the airport you will find public taxis.

For requests and information you can contact us at cell.+39.331.4707742 or at int5bb@gmail.com